• Yuzz.it Pro

  • Live clipping Video platform

  • Web & mobile access

  • Instant publishing

  • Social networks integration

  • Audience amplify online

  • TV, trade show, events

Easy, instant media creation

Our Cloud based video platform will ingest any video content (live streams, VOD, TV shows, sports, eSports, live events,...) and let you start clipping and sharing on social networks in live or replay !

Video cut

Create clips, GIFs, and meme from TV, sports, eSports, events, and mobile streams

  • Live stream ingest
  • Live record
  • Real Time clipping
  • Instant Replay
  • Upload external videos
  • Frame-precision cut


Customize your content

  • Add title, tag, description
  • Add pre-roll, post-roll and layout automatic


Amplify success and social engagement

  • Instant publishing on social medias
  • Personalize the customer path
  • Syndicate your content

Real time video clip

Yuzz.it Pro is a Mobile and web platform for sharing live and replay, video clips of TV shows, concerts, conferences, on social networks. Powered by Telequid


Web access for video editor, CM, journalist,…

  • Live stream ingest
  • Real time clipping
  • Live & replay video
  • Frame-precision cut
  • Instant sharing on social networks & video platforms

Web public

Internet users access, on a video player

  • Capture the last seconds of live streaming
  • Second-precision cut
  • Publishing on social networks

Mobile application

Mobile/API access to clip on site

  • Capture the last seconds of live streaming
  • Second-precision cut
  • Publishing in Twitter



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